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Discover the Truth about Protecting Yourself from the Financial Tragedies of Life:

Death, Taxes, Lawsuits, Business Partnership Exit Strategy, Looming Capital Gains Event, Divorce, Succession Transfer.

Passive Asset Protection specialist, estate planner, and renowned insurance investment expert Jack W. Leong teaches you how to Safe-Guard Your Assets, Keep More Of What You Earn, Pass Your Wealth flawlessly to your Heirs and develop a Foolproof Plan for your Future… Guaranteed!

Learn the Simple LEGAL Secrets known only to investment and insurance industry insiders. Once we create a synopsis for your particular financial situation, we will challenge and encourage you to find the most sophisticated lawyer, accountant or financial expert to critique our plan. 9 out of 10 legal experts are astounded when they realize that these special laws are available to their clients. Many of them now refer their clients to us, for solutions to their financial issues.

If you know NOTHING about Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Insurance Law or Tax Law…

If You Only Have a Limited Education…

If you’ve never heard of Passive Asset Capitalization…

This is the Estate Planning and Asset Protection System You’ve Been Looking For!

It protects your assets in a way no other financial plan can, plus it creates CASH FLOW for you to utilize as you wish.

We do not preach deferring of taxes, (RRSP’s etc.) nor trying to avoid taxes by gambling on high risk offshore trusts or other questionable investment vehicles. We merely show you a completely legal way to pay most of you taxes from capital gains, inheritance etc. using Other Peoples Money. The simplicity and effectiveness of our ideas will astound you!

Best of all, it costs you NOTHING, yes, $0 in upfront costs.

Hello, my name is Jack W. Leong and over the past 25 years, through a long process of meticulous research, trial and error, I’ve developed what is the “Rolls Royce” of investment packages for Legally Shielding Your Assets, keeping more of what you earn, creating new sources of revenue from your initial asset, and passing your estate down to your heirs without taxation or capital gains. These are the little-known Asset Capitalization Secrets of the top 5% of wealthy Canadians. Due to relaxing of certain areas of insurance law, this plan is now being offered to a much broader range of investors.

Asset protection, Compounding Investment, Cash Flow and best of all…$0 cost to you!

Do any of these scenarios fit your current situation?

Property Owners who are asset rich, but cash poor. Create needed cash-flow without taxation or loss of equity!

Want to pass down 100% of your assets to your heirs? Don’t force your kids to pay 50% of your assets on probation & taxation!

Property owner partnerships. Create the ultimate mechanism to safeguard in the case of death of a partner or break-up of a partnership of your legal obligation.

Have a Recreational Property you want to protect from capital gains in the event of death?

Set up or participate in a charitable legacy using your passive asset and OPM (Other Peoples Money)

Absolutely HYPERCHARGE your low performing investments-GIC’s, TBills’ Mutual Funds, CSB’s

Protect assets from creditors (many case studies available) Learn how a certain ex-football player was able to avoid paying a $25,000,000 judgement against him.

We have the Answer to these and many other financial troubles.

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