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Equity-Cash is a concept to provide a means for Executives, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and successful business people to effectively reduce the ravages of our punishing income tax system, and escape the ravenous appetites of creditors and bankruptcy executors.

It also allows them to transfer significant portions of their estates when they die, to heirs or to the charities of their choice directly, without incurring probate or legal fees.

To help you achieve this scenario requires an intimate knowledge of finances and the tools and products available.

Jack Leong and Larry Terrace have over 80 years of combined experience creating solutions to help clients achieve the objectives discussed here.

Jack has worked with many clients over the years to create multi-million dollar legacies and to provide very tax efficient solutions. Jack has shared this wisdom through seminars and individual consultation over the years. Today Jack is still a sought out speaker internationally to help provide innovative solutions for clients wanting to achieve the earlier mentioned objectives.

Larry Terrace has always considered himself a student of financial and money solutions having obtained multiple designations emphasizing his keen interest in understanding what makes some solutions and products much more effective than others. He has a diversified background having worked within the hallowed halls of one of the worlds larger financial institutions and having helped facilitate some of the most innovative financial solutions guaranteeing multi millions of tax free benefits for estates and heirs.

Larry still spends a great deal of time teaching and sharing these unique ideas with others.

If you are concerned about or are interested in how you can:

  1. Create and Increase Tax-Advantaged Wealth within Canada
  2. Generate funds to offset taxes on Capital Gains
  3. Transfer assets Tax Free to your heirs without probate or legal fees
  4. Protect assets from Creditors and even Bankruptcy claims.
  5. Provide Tax-free Canadian cash flow.
  6. Enhance Family Harmony / Marriage Management.
  7. Give to the charity of your choice while still benefiting your heirs and estate.

Then you should call us for a FREE consultation and to obtain further information as
to whether any of these concepts would be of value to you.

Jack Leong: 778-881-1869

Larry Terrace: 604-202-4377

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