Tax Sheltered Investments

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There are many more financial scenarios that can benefit from the services we offer, and the little known secrets we lay out for you, will truly amaze you in their simplicity. The laws have been there for years, but very few investment planners, accountants and even lawyers understand how to interpret them for your highest financial gain.

Are you a “Saver” or an “Investor”? Very few savers find a way to keep up with or surpass inflation much less grow their investment to a significant level.

Albert Einstein once mused that: “Compound interest should be known as the 8th Wonder of the World.”

The Insurance Industry contains within its framework, powerful laws that allow investors to place cash and/or equity in the form of an asset, into a powerful group of compounding investment vehicles where the yields are protected from taxation and/or creditors, and capital gains are shielded from taxation. For years, the financial benefits of these rules have been utilized by the wealthy, to preserve equity in a capital asset while generating cash flow tax free!

Due to relaxed government restrictions, our Asset Protection System is now being made available to a much wider spectrum of investors with capital assets who require cashflow and protection of their assets. The tax shelters we create are an insurance plan that allows you to deposit any amount of money and shelter the growth of the investment from tax.

No tax will ever have to be paid, not even by your estate.

Our Asset Protection System will also show you how you can borrow money from the plan in the form of a line of credit, and since the loan is non taxable you create capitalization (cash flow) without taxation, while preserving the initial equity of your asset. If you die before you can spend or withdraw all of the money from your plan, the balance of the tax-sheltered investment account plus the insurance amount are paid to your beneficiaries without taxation, and this insurance payout bypass’s probate.

There is no other financial plan in existence with the power and flexibility of what we do!


Look at it this way – 20 years from now, you are either dead or alive.

If you are alive, no other plan will pay more after tax income – and if you are dead, no other plan will pay more money to your family – and do it tax free.

The tax shelter investments we provide have very unique positions in the tax laws, and should be investigated at every opportunity.

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