Turn Assets Into cash Flow

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Our system uses techniques known only to the top insurance, law and investment experts, and even though these special laws have been in place for years, we have developed a unique interpretation and application algorithm that allows us to maximize their benefits for our clients.

If you would like to learn to create an Asset Capitalization and Protection plan for YOURSELF, while generating CASH FLOW, all without taxation, and without any financial obligation on your part, then this will be the most important financial product you will ever see!

Now you can learn how to be in the country’s elite 5% that actually Gets It Right!

Learn about the “Tools of Wealth” until now reserved for the rich, famous and powerful.
I have never met a wealthy person who didn’t have most of these tools already in place. Tools that have traditionally been used only by the wealthy due to their expense to properly set up. Now you can enjoy all the tax savings, asset protection, and estate planning benefits previously reserved for only the rich.

-Create wealth within a Canadian tax free environment
-Generate funds for capital gain taxes

-Protect assets from creditors

-Create tax-free Canadian cash flow

-Enhance Family Harmony & Marriage Stability

-Set-up a charitable legacy

-Over 25 Years of Study, Research and Fine-Tuning

The earnings in our plan out-perform all other non-sheltered investments. The earnings build up Tax Free and at a compound rate. The plans annual expense costs are substantially less than the annual tax which would have to be paid on investment earnings of a similar non-sheltered investment. Unlike an RRSP, there are no geographic limits as to where in the world the funds can be invested, and a globally diversified portfolio will offer a higher and more consistent return.

I’ve spent most of my investment career studying asset protection, estate planning, and tax planning strategies. As a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table in the Canadian Life Insurance elite for many years, I have studied every aspect of the investment industry and it’s implications for Asset Preservation and Wealth Accumulation. There are many components to this plan that I have perfected over my career and am now making them available to everyday Canadians who desire to create wealth without taxation. I regularly challenge some of the top legal and financial experts to find a flaw in this plan, none have been found, and many of these experts now refer their clients to us!

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